Why yes, I support WikiLeaks & Julian Assange. Surprise!

So, really. Julian Assange is charged over £300,000* £200,000 ($317,000) bail, because he's a flight risk on charges amounting to the lowest level of sexual misconduct possible under Swedish law (if I understood the 9000+ conflicting news accounts of the whole mess).

WikiLeaks Supporter badgeThis is, to clarify for US readers, a level of "what a dick" that wouldn't even qualify as a crime in the US. And according to the least hysterical accounts, the victims didn't even want him to go to jail, they just wanted to get in contact with him so he'd get an STI test for them. The Swedish authorities initially dismissed any possibility of legal action, but once the US got all hysterical about WikiLeaks' diplomatic cables release?

Well then, by golly, he's a sex criminal and must be locked up.

In solitary confinement 23 hours a day, eventually granted release for over three hundred thousand dollars' bail, for the rough equivalent of misdemeanor charges.

But honestly, this legal case has NOTHING to do with WikiLeaks, and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he had his cellphone turned off when the two women decided they wanted him to get tested.

Julian Assange. Is. A. Dangerous. Criminal.

For fuck's sake. Anyone who believes that shit is a moron, on par with Sarah "That Australian citizen is Un-American! Kill him!" Palin.

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Tea Party Election Hangover: 30ish Days Later!

[NOTE: I wrote this the week of the election, edited it about 10 times, decided it wasn't current enough anymore, and then, just today, decided fuckit, I'll post it anyhow. Enjoy! Post about WikiLeaks coming up next, but hopefully not a month late. ;-) ]

So, the election here in the US was kind of a national fiasco for anyone who gives half a fuck about social services, equal opportunity, or the poor & darker-than-thou folks who are most often the ones in need thereo. Interior Alaska oddly did a bang up job of electing Democrats to State office, but on a national level… Yeah.

When the black Democrat can't fix everything the Republicans broke during 30 years of Republican dominated policymaking—in TWO FUCKING YEARS—it only MAKES SENSE to send a bunch of Republicans back to Washington to clean up the mess they spent most of the last three decades making! Even if numerous economists credit Obama's policies with preventing a second Great Depression, fuck him and his funny name. He had a half term to to fix shit, and my stepmother's neighborhood isn't all pretty-middle-class like it was during the Clinton years, so fuck off with the bum already!

Seriously, people, did you spend even five minutes actually thinking about who's been winning elections for most of the last three decades before you punched your ballot?! The Republicans had 5 of the last 7.5 Presidential terms and control of at least one house of Congress the majority of the time from 1981 through the 2006 midterms, and they spent most of it trying (mostly successfully) to deregulate the fuck out of everything. Hell, they even had Bill "Send Jobs to Mexico" Clinton's help fucking us all over with NAFTA.

And while the GOP has been busily doing their darndest since 1980 to defang labor unions, workers' wages have been dropping, and CEO pay has soared:

In 1980, CEOs made 45 times the pay of production and nonsupervisory workers. By 1990, the CEO-worker pay gap had doubled, with CEOs making 96 times as much. [In 2000], CEOs made 458 times as much as production and nonsupervisory workers. —commondreams.org (ed. The pay gap did get a little better as the recession started, but no worries, the poor CEOs still haven't dropped to anywhere near 1990 levels. ;-)

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O'Donnell: Doesn't know much about fuck all

This should terrify us all. Lord knows it scared me enough that I couldn't get back to sleep after hearing it on NPR early this morning. That is, after it made me laugh out loud, and then fuzzily wonder if I wasn't just dreaming it all up. But no. No, there is video evidence:

Christine, dear, they're laughing AT you, not WITH you.

I (reluctantly, but still) reject the idea of civics tests as a requirement for voter registration. That would not be fair, until we have an education system that actually teaches kids about government. However, would a civics test as a requirement for running for federal office be completely out of line?!

I mean seriously, FUCK YOU, WOMAN! Of all the goddamn nerve. You're going to ask people to vote you into office to be an important part of the US Federal Government, and you haven't the slightest idea what the motherfucking Constitution you'd be working under actually says? Even the 1st Amendment, which I'd count—alongside the first few lines of the Declaration of Independence and the 2nd Amendment—as one of the top 3 best known fragments of our foundational documents?! Fuck you O'Donnell. Fuck you and the ignorant evangelical hell-beast you rode in on.

Guest post: Fuck you, Wall Street.

Fuck you, Gordon Gekko: Greed is not good.

fuck greedIn the original Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko's most memorable moment is when he launches into his monologue about how "greed is good." In the years since, the "greed is good" slogan has been trotted out again and again to tell us why capitalism is good and socialism/communism is bad. The cult of greed that was sown by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged in the 50s and 60s was reaped by Gordon Gekko in the 80s, and infused into every facet of American life since then.

Gekko's quote:

"Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed, you mark my words, will [save] that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A."

Gordon Gekko's "greed is good" speech serves as the standard bearer for 80s excesses, "Reaganomics," and the trickle-down theory. Greed is credited for improving our lives through innovation and the competition which drives it. Greed is supposedly what moves us forward. Greed is the driver behind capitalism, and capitalism is what runs this country, not government. According to the Tea-Bagger set, government is utterly incapable of doing anything and should simply defer to private capitalistic enterprises. If we give ourselves over to capitalism and free market policies, we can solve our financial crisis. Bullshit.

Greed is not good. Greed isn't right. Greed doesn't work. It deceives and retards our progress as a society. Greed gave us Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, and Bernie Madoff. Greed gave us the S&L disaster. Greed gave us the tech-bubble of the late 90s. Greed gives us overseas outsourcing and offshore incorporation. Greed widens the chasm between the ends of the economic spectrum, and does so at the cost of jobs, wages, and the overall standard of living. Greed is what is wrecking America.

Greed is not good. It's a bullshit line that sociopathic money mongers spout to justify their conscienceless pursuit of more money, more property, more privilege, more, more, more. And if we lived in a society that was run like Lord of the Flies it might make sense. Instead, we live in a complete society, not Ayn Rand's paper-thin, two-dimensional society of moral and economic absolutism where people who can't fit into one of the two polar opposites, are simply discarded or disregarded.

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We NEED abortion rights, goddamnit.

I've been volunteering with Planned Parenthood leading up to our primary election, trying to make sure teen girls have access to abortion services if they need them. I've also been reading up about the Obama administration's cowardly bullshit maneuver excluding abortion coverage from the temporary federal high-risk insurance pools. Oh, and also making note of the fact that the woman-hating asshole contingent in Congress is trying to get birth control coverage blocked from the eventual shadow of health insurance reform we'll theoretically be getting (unless it all gets overturned after the midterm elections). I've been getting a little pissed about everything, taken as a whole… and if I hadn't been so busy trying to get a good stoplight cellphone photo of the bumpersticker in front of me in traffic today, I just may have suffered a wee little bit of road rage:

more anti-abortion stupidity
Apparently the concept of "endangered species" is a little too advanced for you?

When you look at the family planning policy ideas of the fuckwit-Right, all together, it is the biggest pile of woman-hating bullshit you've ever seen. Apparently, we are all supposed to join the Quiverfull movement, and start pumping out child soldiers for Jesus's glorious army, or become nuns. They don't want us getting comprehensive sex education in school, because we're supposed to not have sex until marriage. They don't want us getting birth control from our health insurance, because maybe it promotes fornication? Although having Viagra coverage is OK, because… um… fornication is OK if it's male-initiated? Maybe? And DEAR FUCKING HOLY JEEEZIS we are NOT supposed to have abortions, when our total ignorance about birth control—combined with our restricted access thereto—leads to the inevitable pregnancy.

Women are apparently not supposed to have sex unless we want to have babies, period.
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